Hearts Card Game



Hearts Card Game Rules:


The game of Hearts is played as follows; The card game begins with dealing the cards to the players. Each player is dealt 13 cards. Each player chooses three cards, and gives them to another player. The goal is to try to come short in a suit and get rid of the cards that will force the player to take points. So cards to get rid of are cards such as ace, king, or queen particularly of hearts and the Queen of Spades. (Since all hearts cards 1 penalty point and the queen of spades is 13!)

The first round of the game begins with the player to the dealer's left. Every other player plays a card from his hand clockwise. In the game players must play in costume and play the same color card as the main card. The player must play the highest card wins the trick and penalty points. If a player can not play a card of the same color, he can play any card of another suit, including hearts or the queen of spades.
A player can not start a round with hearts "until the hearts are broken," it means a hearts card is played in the game. Hearts are broken when a player can not follow suit and throws a hearts card instead. (A common rule is that the hearts can not play in the first round.)

Points are earned by the player who played the card of the highest value. The player who wins the trick starts the next round.The game continues until all players have got rid of their cards.

Each hearts card is a point to the player who wins the trick, taking the queenof spades is 13 penalty points. There are 26 possible points in each round of hearts game. The card game ends when one player reaches 100 points or after a predetermined period of time. In the game the winning player is the player who has accumulated the fewest points during the card game.

Shooting the Moon or Capmangoe:

This is a well know Hearts card game strategy .. If a player manages to take all the penalty cards of a turn, the player's score remains unchanged and 26 points are added to the scores of each of the other players. This can be a dangerous game strategy; if it fails the player must take all the points.


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